Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

  Please come in for a free trial class at one of the times listed on the Schedule page.  Come in before class starts so that you can meet the other students before beginning.  An instructor or senior student will answer your questions during and/or after the class and there is no obligation.  If you would like to ask questions before you come in, please telephone 972-709-7089.

How old do you need to be to study at DeSoto Karate?
The KarateKids program is for children ages 4 through 7 years.   The Beginner and Intermediate kids program is for children ages 8 through 12 years.   The Teen/Adult program is for ages 12 through senior citizens.

What will I learn?

KarateKids (age 4-7) teaches basic blocks, kicks, punches, how to not get hit, coordination drills including basic tumbling, how to train safely, dojo etiquette, and strength training, and it’s fun!

The Beginner Kids (age 8-12) program works on and builds on the KarateKids classes and adds the first and second kata and introduces sparring drills and free sparring.  Also, Karateka will learn two Kata or Forms and begin to learn how to apply them practically. When children succeed in learning these skills, they will be invited to attend the Intermediate Kids classes.

The Intermediate Kids class focuses on skills, kata, drills for coordination, muscle memory, and self-defense, grappling, basic tumbling, how to fall.  Our goal in this class is to prepare the children for brown belt rank and an invitation to attend the teen/adult class.
The Teen/Adult class teaches all of the information and skills listed above and more with a curriculum designed for older students.  Classes vary but are usually split into sections for fitness, specific skills learning and practice, and self-defense.  Our goal in this class is for every student to master our style.

Is this the right karate school for me?
It depends on what you are looking for.
We focus on karate for fitness, self-defense, character development, and self-improvement.  Students with different goals (for example, MMA or tournament competitions) might not feel that they are getting enough in the way of grappling or competition training.  That said, our style does include grappling and our students have entered and medaled in tournaments.  So, I recommend you take advantage of our free trial policy and take a lesson and see if DeSoto Karate is right for you.

What are Kyu and Dan ranks?
Kyu ranks are beginning and proceed from White belt (10th kyu) to Brown belt with 3 stripes (1 kyu). Black belts are dan-level ranks and proceed from Sho-dan (1st degree) on up.

When will I be promoted?
Rank requirements are posted in the dojo.  As soon as you meet the minimum requirements for your next rank, you will be promoted.  Please note that as we increase in rank, we are expected to also increase in skill.  For example, someone working for a green belt is expected to perform the requirements for lower ranks but now at a green belt level.  This “Ability Level” is one standard we list on our posted rank requirements list.
Other measures include karate basics, kata, specific kihon sets assigned by rank, sparring, grappling, knowledge of our history, physical fitness, and  ability to perform self-defense techniques assigned by rank.  We try to offer feedback to every student at some point during every class and infrequently have “report card” sessions where specific skills are evaluated and critiqued.  These are the corrections you will want to make in order to improve.
One of the most important aspects of progress in karate is coming regularly.  Students who come infrequently usually take more class hours to learn new skills than those who come regularly.

Do you attend tournaments?

Sometimes.  Our annual association training seminar has included a tournament.  Some of our students have attended local competitions on their own.  They are fun and can be good training but I have not wanted to distract from our core goals (Fitness, Self-Defense, Character Development, Self-Improvement).

How much does it cost?

A price list is posted at the front desk.

For quick reference:
Tuition is $65 per month for 1 class per week and $110 per month for 2 classes per week – after that, add $30 per class for additional classes.

Annual registration is $60

There is no testing fee. There are nominal additional costs for certificates and belts.  Uniforms begin at $35 and the notebook is $20.

For Self-Defense $160 per month for the 8 week session.

The cost is based on an annual schedule and averaged out over full months and months with breaks.

Tuition Late fee – if not paid by the first class                $20

What if I am ranked in a different martial art?
Please come in for a trial class and we can discuss your goals.  We normally allow senior transferring students to retain their belt rank until they are able to perform specific skills equal to their old rank.  At that time they will progress within our style and association.