10264268_696779497034439_6929393290087791204_o  DeSoto Karate is located at the corner of Beltline and Hampton in DeSoto TX.
  DeSoto Karate is a training hall where we practice and teach karate for self-defense, fitness, and self-improvement.
  We practice karate, kobudo, kata, bunkai, grappling and joint locks, sparring, self-defense, fitness, practical applications, violence prevention and mitigation. We help children and adults to be more confident and comfortable in all situations (both violent and non-violent) while teaching karate as a means for character development.
  The Senior Instructor, Keith Pelusi, began martial arts training in 1970 in Shotokan Karate.
  He practiced and taught U.S.Army Combatives to combat soldiers during military service as a US Army Infantry officer.
  In the 90’s he practiced Matsubayashi Ryu  and switched to Matsumura Kenpo in 2004.  Current techniques and forms are based on those, and other, experiences.